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Hunt-Wilson Lecture

Gen. Peter W. Chiarelli (Ret.)

Gen. Chiarelli began his presentation by noting that, given his audience, it

probably was not a good time to get a head injury anywhere but Chicago,

at least during the AANS’s Annual Scientific Meeting. He spoke of the

challenges of developing a concussion protocol when the Center for Disease

Control and Prevention (CDC) has 42 definitions for the term. He begged

the audience to engage in data collection, sharing and curation, all of which

he believes will provide the framework for a successful and impactful

concussion screening tool.

Richard C. Schneider Lecture

Alim L. Benabid, MD, PhD, IFAANS

Dr. Benabid presented “Functional Neurosurgery: Electrons, Photons,

Exoskeletons.” He began his lecture reminding the audience that doctors

treat symptoms and are only occasionally able to treat the disease.

Parkinson’s disease is an emblematic example of this. Benabid then

shared how he developed and evolved his ground-breaking treatment of


Rhoton Family Lecture

Jose Francisco Salgado, PhD

Salgado’s work – photography – lives in what he calls the intersection

of science and art. His art plays with capturing and translating things

that naturally happen either too slowly or too quickly for the human eye

to capture. He ended his presentation by sharing one of his movies and

reminding the audience that his work demonstrates that science and art are

not mutually exclusive.

Van Wagenen Lecture

Col. Geoffrey Ling, MD, PhD (Ret.)

Col. Ling spoke passionately about how he believes that problems can best

be solved. His approach is to work at solving very specific, well-defined

problems, one at a time. When the parameters are well-defined, solutions

are most efficiently and quickly achieved by a managed-milestone driven

team that has been properly funded for success.



Distinguished Lecturers