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Governance and Leadership

The AANS is governed by a volunteer group of neurosurgeons, nominated and elected by fellow AANS members, who are committed to advancing the specialty of neurological surgery in order to promote the highest quality of patient care.


If you are a member of any AANS Committee below, you may access committee documents and resources by logging into the Committee Corner section of

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Alex B. Valadka MD, FAANS, FACS

Shelly D. Timmons MD, PhD, FAANS, FACS


Christopher I. Shaffrey MD, FAANS

John A. Wilson MD, FAANS, FACS

Frederick A. Boop MD, FAANS, FACS

Moustapha Abou-Samra MD, FAANS, FACS

Kathleen T. Craig

Michael A. Chabraja Esq.
Nicholas M. Barbaro MD, FAANS, FACS Director-at-Large
E. Antonio Chiocca MD, PhD, FAANS Director-at-Large
Aaron A. Cohen-Gadol MD, MSc, MBA, FAANS Director-at-Large
Richard G. Ellenbogen MD, FAANS, FACS Director-at-Large
Robert F. Heary MD, FAANS Director-at-Large
Jacques J. Morcos MD, FAANS, FACS Director-at-Large
Susan C. Pannullo MD, FAANS Director-at-Large
Ann R. Stroink MD, FAANS Director-at-Large
Charles L. Rosen MD, PhD, FAANS Regional Director
Curtis J. Rozzelle MD, FAANS Regional Director
Gregory R. Trost MD, FAANS Regional Director
Marc A. Vanefsky MD, FAANS Regional Director
G. Edward Vates MD, PhD, FAANS, FACS Regional Director
Andrew E. Wakefield MD, FAANS Regional Director
Emad N. Eskandar MD, FAANS Ex-Officio
Regis W. Haid Jr., MD, FAANS Ex-Officio
Robert E. Harbaugh MD, FAANS, FACS Ex-Officio
Steven N. Kalkanis MD, FAANS Ex-Officio
Daniel Bernard Michael MD, PhD, FAANS Ex-Officio
Edjah Kweku-Ebura Nduom MD Ex-Officio
Christopher J. Neal MD, FAANS Ex-Officio
Ann M. Parr MD, PhD, FAANS, FRCSC Ex-Officio
Mark C. Preul MD Ex-Officio
Mark R. Proctor MD, FAANS Ex-Officio
Joshua M. Rosenow MD, FAANS, FACS Ex-Officio
James T. Rutka MD, PhD, FAANS Ex-Officio
Jason M. Schwalb MD, FAANS Ex-Officio
Gregory J. Zipfel MD, FAANS Ex-Officio
Daniel Louis Barrow MD, FAANS Liaison
Walter D. Johnson MD, FAANS(L), FACS Liaison
Jesus Lafuente MD Liaison
Blas Ezequiel Lopez Felix MD, FAANS Liaison
Stephen P. Lownie MD, FRCSC, FAANS Liaison
Basant Kumar Misra MD Liaison
Jose Marcus Rotta MD Liaison
Franco Servadei MD Liaison
Ashwini D. Sharan MD, FAANS Liaison
Abderrahmane Sidi Said MD Liaison
B. Gregory Thompson Jr., MD, FAANS Liaison
Michael Schulder MD, FAANS
Anthony L. Asher MD, FAANS, FACS Guest
James R. Bean MD, FAANS Guest
E. Sander Connolly Jr., MD, FAANS Guest
John Joseph Knightly MD, FAANS Guest
Katie Orrico JD Guest
Gillian Shasby Guest
Babu G. Welch MD, FAANS Guest

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