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NeurosurgeryPAC was founded in 2005 because our leaders understood that to be the best advocates for our profession and patients, we must be bigger players in the political arena. It is the most powerful tool we have to gain political clout in Washington, DC, on issues that uniquely affect our specialty since it is the only political action committee dedicated solely to neurosurgeons. Please join our efforts to invest in your future, the specialty and our patients by joining our “Why I Give” movement.

“I give to NeurosurgeryPAC because it is crucial for implementing substantive change in our nation’s capital, specifically through its collaborative problem-solving to positively influence the trajectory of professional reimbursement, tort reform, access, innovation, research funding and other health care policy. Simply put, when it comes to protecting the vitality of our specialty and the interests of our patients, a donation to our PAC is one of the best returns on investment a neurosurgeon can make.”

Anthony L. Asher, MD, FAANS
Charlotte, North Carolina
AANS President (2023-24)

“I give because it is critical as custodians of our field that we protect our patients and the practice of neurosurgery. The vital work NeurosurgeryPAC performs allows us access to the people and places where the decisions dictating our future are made.”

Stephen S. Scibelli, MD, FAANS
Jacksonville, Florida
NeurosurgeryPAC Chair (2022-24)

“I give to NeurosurgeryPAC because the field of neurosurgery needs our voice more than ever. Our ability to provide patient care the right way is preserved due to the outsized impact of our political advocacy team. It’s imperative that young neurosurgeons educate themselves on this work and support accordingly.”

Walavan Sivakumar, MD, FAANS
Torrance, California
Early to Mid- Career Neurosurgeons Committee Chair (2022-24)

“I give to NeurosurgeryPAC because advocacy matters. Our patients’ needs and our needs to care for them must be heard loud and clear in Washington. NeurosurgeryPAC is our most powerful voice for change.”

Martina Stippler, MD, FAANS

“I give because it’s critically important to have our national leaders pay attention to vital neurosurgical issues. As the saying goes, ‘If you don’t have a seat at the table, you’re probably on the menu.’”

Kevin T. Foley, MD, FAANS
Memphis, Tennessee
NeurosurgeryPAC Board (2022-24)

“I give because NeurosurgeryPAC is an instrumental part of Organized Neurosurgery’s advocacy on issues that affect neurosurgeons daily and those critical issues that allow us to deliver timely and quality care for our most vulnerable. The issues NeurosurgeryPAC addresses affect neurosurgeons in all states and all types of practices. I encourage you to learn more about neurosurgery’s work in Washington, DC and consider supporting NeurosurgeryPAC.”

Garni Barkhoudarian, MD, FAANS