Issue Areas

Our commitment to advancing the field of neurosurgery spans across various critical areas including biomedical research, drugs and devices, emergency and trauma care, graduate medical education, healthcare competition, medical liability reform, quality improvement, patient safety, and reimbursement and practice management. We strive to influence federal policy, secure essential funding, and promote practices that ensure the highest standards of patient care and professional excellence. Explore the issues we champion and learn how our advocacy efforts are making a significant impact on the future of neurosurgery

Biomedical Research

Diseases that were once a death sentence are now treatable. Given this, the AANS and CNS continue to urge Congress to expand the scope of the current federal policy on medical research and to ensure that appropriate funding is allocated to such programs.

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Drugs and Devices

These activities include recommending neurosurgeon experts to serve on the FDA Advisory panels, providing input on FDA Guidance Documents and testimony at panel meetings, as appropriate. In addition, organized neurosurgery is an official partner with the FDA's Network of Experts program to provide rapid clinical assistance to FDA reviewers

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Emergency/Trauma Care and Stroke

The AANS and CNS have worked tirelessly to urge Congress to provide the full funding for trauma and emergency care regionalization programs, which will support grants to states to improve critically needed state‐wide trauma care systems and pilot projects to develop models for regionalizing emergency care

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Graduate Medical Education

To ensure an adequate supply of physicians, organized neurosurgery continues to petition Congress to maintain Medicare’s current financial support of graduate medical education and encourage all other payers to contribute to graduate medical education (GME) programs.

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Health Care Competition

Explore the latest developments and expert analyses on the competitive dynamics shaping the health care landscape. Stay informed on legislative advocacy, regulatory impacts and network adequacy, with insights aimed at fostering a competitive, transparent and patient-centered health care system.

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Medical Liability Reform

The AANS and CNS support legislation to provide common sense, proven, comprehensive medical liability reform.

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Quality Improvement and Patient Safety

The AANS and CNS are committed to quality improvement and supports innovative efforts to provide high quality, cost-effective care to patients.

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Reimbursement and Practice Management

The Coding and Reimbursement Committee is actively involved in bringing or reviewing new or revised CPT codes, is a strong advocate for appropriate valuation of neurosurgical services and neurosurgery’s Rapid Response Team works tirelessly to ensure that third party payors cover necessary neurosurgical services.

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