The Rhoton Collection®

Exclusive Member Access

Image showing Dr. Rhoton and selections from the collection

AANS members receive complimentary access to the renowned Rhoton Collection®—an online treasure trove of neuroanatomy teaching materials curated by the legendary Albert L. Rhoton Jr., MD, FAANS(L). This interactive platform features Dr. Rhoton’s detailed slides, video lectures, and a dynamic atlas available in both 2-D and 3-D formats.

The collection aims to improve neurosurgical anatomy knowledge, enhancing surgical precision and safety.

Access Instructions

Visit The Rhoton Collection. Use the “Reset Password” or “Create an Account” options for login assistance.

Interactive Learning Tools

  • Browse content for self-study.
  • Use full-screen mode for conferences and teaching.
  • Project slides in 2-D or 3-D directly from the Internet.
  • Download high-resolution slides and illustrations.

What is The Rhoton Collection?

This comprehensive online repository includes Dr. Rhoton’s educational materials, enhanced with volunteer-created drawings and includes an interactive anatomical atlas and a repository for neurosurgical cases, cross-referenced with relevant neurosurgical literature.

Cost and Usage

The collection is free, sponsored by AANS and the Neurosurgical Research & Education Foundation (NREF), fulfilling Dr. Rhoton’s vision of widespread educational impact. Materials can be used for presentations and publications with appropriate credit.

Reuse Authorization for Rhoton Images

Materials in The Rhoton Collection® are available for download in high-resolution formats suitable for educational presentations, publications or for media use. Materials may be re-used for educational or media purposes as long as credit is given to The Rhoton Collection®. The use of Rhoton images must include this text: Courtesy of the Rhoton Collection, American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS)/Neurosurgical Research and Education Foundation (NREF). Watermarks may not be removed from the images or videos.

If you wish to use the content for commercial advertising or other purposes, contact the NREF at 888.566.2267 or

Supporting the Collection

Support the collection by donating to the “Albert Rhoton Jr, MD Fund” at NREF. Donations help maintain the collection and support ongoing projects.

For more information or support, contact the NREF at 888.566.2267 or