Representatives and Liaisons to Other Organizations

Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME)Residency Review Committee for Neurological Surgery

Abdul-Kareem H. Ahmed, MD, SM

American College of Surgeons (ACS)
Board of Regents

Shelly D. Timmons, MD, FAANS
Advisory Council for Neurological Surgery

American Academy of Pain Medicine

Kenneth A. Follett, MD, PhD, FAANS, Liaison

American Epilepsy Society

Guy M. McKhann II, MD, FAANS

American Medical Association House of Delegates

Kenneth S. Blumenfeld, MD, FAANS, delegate
Krystal L. Tomei, MD, FAANS, alternate delegate
Laura Stone McGuire, MD, Young Physicians Section delegate

American Medical Association

AMA Relative Value Update Committee

G. Edward Vates, MD, FAANS, AANS RUC Member
John K. Ratliff, MD, FAANS, AANS RUC Advisor
Henry H. Woo, MD, FAANS, AANS Alternate RUC Advisor

AMA CPT Editorial Panel

Joseph S. Cheng, MD, FAANS

AMA CPT Advisory Committee

Cheerag D. Upadhyaya, MD, AANS CPT Advisory
Joshua M. Rosenow, MD, AANS CPT Alternate Advisor

Brain Attack Coalition

Scott Douglas Simon, MD, FAANS

National Institutes of Health (NIH) – NINDS

Sameer A. Sheth, MD, PhD, FAANS

North American Spine Society (NASS)

Karin R. Swartz, MD, FAANS

World Federation of Neurological Societies