Harvey Cushing: A Life in Neurosurgery

Harvey Cushing: A Life in Surgery is a biography of Harvey Cushing, a giant of American medicine and one of the greatest figures in the history of neurosuergery.

Drawing on new collections of intimate personal and family papers, diaries and patient records, Author J. Michael Bliss, PhD captures Cushing’s professional and personal life in remarkable detail.

Bliss paints an engaging portrait of a man of ambition, boundless, driving energy, with a fanatical work ethic and an enormous appetite for life.

Bliss traces the rise of American surgery as seen through the eyes of one of its pioneers. The book describes how Cushing, working in the early 20th Century, developed remarkable new techniques that let surgeons open the skull, expose the brain and attack tumors — all with a much higher rate of success than previously known.

Cushing made the miraculous in surgery an everyday event, as he and his team compiled an astonishing record of treating more than 2,000 tumors.

This is the definite Cushing biography, an epic narrative of high surgical adventure, capturing the highs and lows of an extraordinary life.