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NeurosurgeryPAC Contributors

NeurosurgeryPAC is the political action committee of the AANS. NeurosurgeryPAC's mission is simple: support candidates for federal office who support neurosurgeons.

Only AANS members in the United States who pay dues or have voting privileges may contribute to NeurosurgeryPAC. Join these eligible donors and contribute below.

Through April 13, 2018

Capital Club – $5,000 Donors
Hooman Azmi-Ghadimi, MD
Carolina Neurosurgeon and Spine Associates PAC
William Caton, MD
Robert Heary, MD
Mississippi State Neurological Society
Benjamin Remington, MD
Eric Rhoton, MD
Stephen Scibelli, MD
Mark Spatola, MD
Frederick Todd, MD
President’s Circle – $2,500 to $4,999
Kenneth Blumenthal, MD
Robert Harbaugh, MD
Catherine Mazzola, MD
Praveen Mummaneni, MD
J. Adair Prall, MD
Ann Stroink, MD
Alex Valadka, MD
Platinum Circle Club – $1,000 to $2,499
Kevin Ammar, MD
Anthony Asher, MD
John Atkinson, MD
James Bean, MD
Frederick Boob, MD
Michael Brisman, MD
Joseph Cheng, MD
Anthony D’Ambrosio, MD
Willard Emch, MD
John Golfinos, MD
Peter Holliday, MD
Eric Horn, MD
Steven Kalkanis, MD
John Knightly, MD
Scott Meyer, MD
Jean-Pierre Mobasser, MD
Karin Muraszko, MD
Shannon McCanna, MD
Daniel Michael, MD
Katie Orrico, JD
Christopher Paramore, MD
John Ratliff, MD
Nizam Razack, MD
Joshua Rosenow, MD
Mark Shaffrey, MD
Andrew Sloan, MD
Karin Swartz, MD
Shelly Timmons, MD
Luis Tumialan, MD
Donn Turner, MD
Matthew VanLandingham, MD
G. Edward Vates, MD
Timothy Wirt, MD
Stacey Wolfe, MD
Henry Woo, MD
Peter Yoon, MD
Gold Circle Club – $500 to $999
Sepideh Amin-Hanjani, MD
John Caruso, MD
Luis Cervantes, MD
Scott Cutler, MD
Fernando Delasotta, MD
Jose Dones-Vazquez, MD
Thomas Forget, MD
George Gade, MD
Richard George, MD
James Goodrich, MD
Loyola Gressot, MD
Devon Hoover, MD
Paul Huang, MD
Andrew Jea, MD
Mark Kubala, MD
Charles Kulwin, MD
John Kusske, MD
James Lindley, MD
Andrew Little, MD
Christopher McPherson, MD
Thomas Oliver, MD
Robert Plunkett, MD
Ganesh Rao, MD
Richard Rodgers, MD
Gerald Schell, MD
David Stockwell, MD
Krystal Tomei, MD
Russell Travis, MD
Raymond Truex, MD
Dante Vacca, MD
Jerome Volk, MD
Jeremy Wang, MD
Clarence Watridge, MD
Sanjay Yadla, MD
Silver Circle Club – Up to $499
Nitin Agarwal, MD
Maya Babu, MD
Andrew Beykovsky, MD
Emanuela Binello, MD
Mary Cloninger
Christopher Demers, MD
Michael Edwards, MD
Henry Feuer, MD
David Fusco, MD
Andrew Gard, MD
Gerald Grant, MD
J. Frederick Harrington, MD
Benjamin Hendricks, MD
Deborah Henry, MD
Phillip Kissel, MD
Peter Konrad, MD
Joseph Linzey
Caleb Lippman, MD
William McAllister, MD
Maxwell Merkow, MD
Adrienne Mortimer
Debraj Mukherjee, MD
M. Ellen Nichols, MD
Scott Phillips, MD
Cynthia Piccirilli, MD
Jonathan Rasouli, MD
Pratik Rohatgi, MD
Karl Schultz, MD
Magdy Shady, MD
Randall Smith, MD
Khoi Than, MD
Michael Tobias, MD
Anand Veeravagu, MD
Robert Wienecke, MD
Harold Wilkinson, MD
Brett Youngerman, MD
John Zinkel, MD
Karol Zakalik, MD
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