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AANS Section on the History of Neurological Surgery

The AANS Section on the History of Neurological Surgery consists of AANS members dedicated to documenting, discussing and preserving the history of neurological surgery. The section was founded by William C. Hanigan, MD, PhD, FAANS(L); James T. Goodrich, MD, PhD, FAANS; Edward R. Laws Jr., MD, FAANS(L); Christopher B. Shields, MD, FAANS(L); Samuel H. Greenblatt, MD, FAANS(L); and Peter W. Carmel, MD, FAANS(L).


Each year at the AANS Annual Scientific Meeting, the History Section hosts a dinner featuring a lecturer and discussion on a historical subject.

2017 Annual History
Section Dinner

Monday, April 24
6:30-9:30 p.m.
Cicada Restaurant and Club
617 S. Olive St.


The Setti S. Rengachary, MD Memorial Lecture will be given by Michel Zerah, MD. He will present "Neurosurgeons in Cinema and TV".


Members of the AANS who have a major interest in the history of medicine may apply.


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