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AANS Bylaws

“The Harvey Cushing Society was founded in 1931 and became incorporated on June 6, 1956. The Bylaws for conducting the Society’s business were adopted at the meeting of the Society in April of 1960. The organization has been restructured since, broadening its concept to represent neurosurgery both nationally and internationally."

The AANS Code of Ethics was established for neurosurgeons as guidelines in medical and professional relationships. This code is a statement of ideals, commitments and responsibilities of neurosurgeons to patients, their families, other health professionals, insurers, society and themselves. It thus may be considered as one of the measures used to evaluate a member’s maintenance of good professional standing and to evaluate qualifications for membership by applicants. Breaking any tenet of the code may subject a member to a formal sanction by the AANS.


The AANS policies regarding harassment, non-discrimination and professional behavior at meetings and courses have been established as guidelines setting forth expected and accepted behaviors for AANS members. These policies are a statement of ideals, commitments and responsibilities of members of the association with regard to fellow members, other health professionals and AANS staff. Compliance with these policies is required to maintain a member’s good professional standing within the AANS. The failure to comply with these policies may subject a member to professional discipline.


For the purpose of technical innovation, neurosurgeons are necessary collaborators with industry. However, the collaborative relationship between neurosurgeons and industry must be structured to avoid the pitfalls of improper inducements or incentives.

The AANS requires leadership positions to disclose potential conflicts of interest and offers guidelines on both conflicts of interest and corporate relations.


The AANS Professional Conduct Program was established in 1983 to provide a forum and due process procedures to evaluate complaints lodged by one AANS member against another and to make recommendations to the AANS Board of Directors for action (dismissal or sanctions) on such complaints.

Complaints are filed due to perceived violations of the AANS Code of Ethics or the AANS Rules for Neurosurgical Medical/Legal Expert Opinions Services, according to the published guidelines of the AANS Professional Conduct Committee.