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Abstract Date: 5/1/2016

Arman Jahangiri
Patrick Flanigan, BS
Maxine Arnush
Sarah Choi, BS
Alvin Chou
Nima Emami, BS
Ruby Kuang
Albert Truong, BS
Mitchel Berger, MD
Manish Aghi, MD, PhD (San Francisco, CA)

INTRODUCTION: Neurosurgeons have long played an important role in advancing medicine through research, funding of which is historically linked to the NIH. We defined variables associated with neurosurgical NIH funding, prevalence of funded topics by neurosurgical subspecialty, and temporal trends in NIH neurosurgical funding.

METHODS: Retrospective review of NIH funded AANS members, assessed using NIH Reporter ( from 1991-2015.

RESULTS: We followed 6,515 neurosurgeons over 24 years, including 6,124 (94%) MDs and 406 (6%) MDPhDs.  NIH grant(s) were awarded to 391 (6%) neurosurgeons. The average total funded years per neurosurgeon was 12.5 years (range=1-85). A higher percentage of MD-PhDs were NIH funded than MDs (5%=297 vs. 22%=91; P<.0001).  Commonest grants were R01 (n=128/33%), K08 (n=69/18%), F32 (n=60/15%), M01 (n=50/13%), and R21 (n=39/10%). For training grants, 30% of F32 recipients transitioned to K08s (18%) and/or R01s(18%), and 38% of K08 recipients transitioned to R01s. Of NIH funded neurosurgeons, 32 (8%) transitioned to funded clinical trial(s). Funded neurosurgical subspecialties included neuro-oncology (33%), functional/epilepsy (32%), cerebrovascular (17%), trauma (10%), and spine (6%). Dividing our 24-year period in halves, F32s were granted equally (P=0.4), K08s decreased by 50% (P<0.03) while funded R01s increased by 50% (P=0.0006).

CONCLUSION: The decrease in K08 funding and plateau in F32 funding suggests that the upward trend in R01s awarded to neurosurgeons during the last 24 years will be difficult to maintain and underscores the importance of continued selection and mentorship of neurosurgeons capable of impacting patient care through research, including the MDPhDs we noted to be particularly successful at procuring funding.


Article ID: AA-34857

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