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Neurosurgery Awareness Month

The goal of AANS Neurosurgery Awareness Month is bring neurological conditions to the forefront and share knowledge that will enlighten the public to what it means to live with and be treated for these conditions. For 2018, the spotlight is on epilepsy.

Browse videos that present information on diagnosis and treatments, while giving the viewer a glimpse into the process patients go through once they are diagnosed. View these videos to hear reputable neurological professionals from renowned institutions give their perspective and philosophy behind treating epileptic patients.

Denise Garcia also shares her epilepsy journey with the AANS. As a wife and mother, Denise has grown to recognize the importance of epilepsy awareness and finding ways to educate one’s community. Take her lead and use the resources below to access more information on epilepsy.

AANS Epilepsy Patient Story

View the AANS Epilepsy Patient Information Page for more information, including the epilepsy videos.

August 2019
AANS Neurosurgery Awareness Month: Spine