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Listing of AANS Medical Student Chapters

If your school is listed below, please contact a current board member of that chapter to be added as an expansion member. There is no fee to add chapter members.

If your school is not currently on this list, consider starting a chapter at your school or joining the AANS as an individual member.

Daniel Yoshor, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

James W. Holsapple, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Adriel Barrios-Anderson Chapter President
Catherine Michelle Garcia Chapter Vice President
David Liu Chapter Co-Secretary
Jameson Snead Chapter Co-Secretary
Ziya L. Gokaslan, MD, FAANS, FACS Chapter Sponsor
Krisztina Moldovan, MD Chapter Advisor
Francesco Pucci, MD Chapter Advisor

Mike Avery Chapter President
Karam Atli Chapter Vice-President
Christopher Bartolomei Chapter Secretary
Carol Lee Chapter Treasurer
Jonathan P. Miller, MD, FAANS, FACS Chapter Sponsor
Thomas Ostergard, MD Chapter Advisor

John (Jack) Joseph McNulty Chapter President
Farhan Khan Chapter Secretary
Christopher J. Winfree, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Mateo Ziu, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Michael M. Haglund, MD, PhD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor
Vikram Arjun Mehta, MD Chapter Advisor

Dana E. Adkins, MD Chapter Sponsor

Gustavo Pradilla, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Erin Nicole D'Agostino Chapter President
Christopher Louie Chapter Vice President
Derrek A. Schartz II Chapter Secretary
Seoho (Michael) Song Chapter Treasurer
Perry A. Ball, MD, FAANS, FACS Chapter Sponsor

Matthew D. Adams Chapter President
William Bird Chapter Vice President Neurosurgery
Jonathan Long Chapter Vice President Neurology
Ilya Frid Chapter Secretary
Saran Kunaprayoon Chapter Treasurer
Christoph Johannes Griessenauer, MD Chapter Sponsor

Kenan Rajjoub Chapter President
Neil Almeida Chapter Vice President
Danielle Putur Chapter Secretary
Gifty A. Dominah Chapter Treasurer
Michael K. Rosner, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Mani Nathan Nair, MD, MPH, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Ian F. Dunn, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Raj K. Shrivastava, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Daniel H. Fulkerson, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Edward S. Ahn, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Ivy Song Chapter President
Terrance Peng Chapter Vice President
Edith Yuan Chapter Secretary
Tyler Cardinal Chapter Treasurer
Daniel Donoho, MD Chapter Advisor
Daniel Kramer, MD Chapter Advisor
Gabriel Zada, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Lavanya Nagappan Chapter President
Nicholas Taylor Chapter Vice President
Rahul Bussa Chapter Secretary
Jay Kanaparthi Chapter Treasurer
Kadir Erkmen, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor
Joel Zachary Passer, MD Chapter Advisor

Kenneth De Los Reyes, MD Chapter Sponsor

Joseph Carl Serrone, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Christina Marie Notarianni, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Bernard R. Bendok, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Fredric B. Meyer, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Michelle Kameda-Smith, MD Chapter Advisor
Sheila Kumari Singh, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Cargill H. Alleyne, Jr., MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor
Christopher R. Banerjee, MD Chapter Advisor

Gibson Klapthor Chapter President
Samuel Jones Chapter Vice President
Kyle Kulbarsh Chapter Secretary
Fraser C. Henderson, Jr., MD Chapter Advisor
Alejandro M. Spiotta, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Joe Sam Robinson, Jr., MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Todd W. Vitaz, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Juan Manuel Moncayo Olivares Chapter President
Andre Garibay Gracian Chapter Vice President
Brisa Zoco Sandoval Chapter Secretary
Samuel Hernandez Ballesteros Chapter Treasurer
Ramiro Antonio Perez de la Torre, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Christian Andrew Bowers, MD Chapter Sponsor
Jared B. Cooper, MD Chapter Advisor
John V. Wainwright, MD Chapter Advisor

David Lee Dornbos III, MD Chapter Advisor
Ciaran James Powers, MD, PhD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Jeremy N. Ciporen, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Charles Lee Chapter President
April Henry Chapter Vice-President
Robert E. Harbaugh, MD, FAANS, FACS Chapter Sponsor
Alice Cai Chapter Secretary-Treasurer

Abhi P. Jain, M Ed Chapter President
Jennifer Z Mao, MBA Chapter Vice President
Olivia Questore Chapter Secretary
Aaron Brooking, DO Chapter Advisor
Steven Yocom, DO Chapter Sponsor

Konstantin Tchalukov Chapter President
Ruqayyah A Malik Chapter Vice President
Vincent C. Traynelis, MD, FAANS Chapter Advisor
Vincent C. Traynelis, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Antonios Mammis, MD Chapter Sponsor
Nitesh Vijay Patel, MD Chapter Advisor

Michael Rallo Chapter President
Ava Hunt Chapter Vice President
Peter Rosenthal Chapter Secretary-Treasurer

Thana Theofanis, MD Chapter Advisor
Stavropoula I. Tjoumakaris, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Anthony M. Martino, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor
Walter George Rusyniak, Jr., MD, FAANS Chapter Advisor

Bina Wasunga Kakusa Chapter President
Yagmur Muftuoglu Chapter Vice-President
Dylan Griswold Chapter Secretary
Navika Shukla Chapter Treasurer
Gerald A. Grant, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Muhammad Safwan Jalal Chapter President
Joan Chou Chapter Vice-President
Hal Starnes Chapter Secretary
Kenmin Wu Chapter Treasurer
Lawrence S. Chin, MD, FAANS, FACS Chapter Sponsor

Roberto J Alcazar-Felix, B.S. Chapter President
Maria Andrea Gaitan Palau Chapter Vice President
Gustavo Antonio Garcia Venegas Chapter Treasurer
Enrique Caro Osorio, MD Chapter Sponsor

L. Gerard Toussaint III, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

James Ebot, MD Chapter Advisor
Gregory H. Smith, DO Chapter Sponsor

Keith Andreas Hanson Chapter President
Peyton D. Presto Chapter Vice President
Laszlo Nagy, MD Chapter Sponsor

Ron Irving Riesenburger, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Brendan Huang Chapter President
Adhira Divagaran Chapter Vice-President
Cassidy Werner Chapter Secretary
Allen Zhang Chapter Treasurer
Aaron S. Dumont, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Zachary C. Janatpour Chapter President
Matthew Welch Chapter Vice-President
Sunyoung Kim Chapter Secretary
Rajesh Gunaji Chapter Treasurer
Randy S. Bell, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Gustavo Andres Espino Venegas Chapter President
Yosadara Martinez Basurto Chapter President
Paola Christina Sommerhalder Nava Chapter Vice President
Luz Andrea Gonzaless Chapter Secretary
Samantha Ruiz Lopez Chapter Treasurer
Rogelio Revuelta Gutierrez, MD, FAANS, FACS Chapter Sponsor

Ivan Segura Duran Chapter President
Alejandro Rochin Mosqueda Chapter Vice-President
Rene Marquez Franco Chapter Secretary
Michelle Soto de la Torre Chapter Treasurer
Oscar Gutierrez Avila, MD Chapter Advisor
Rodrigo Ramos Zuniga, MD, PhD Chapter Sponsor

Jonathan Ortiz Rafael Chapter President
Rogelio Revuelta Gutierrez, MD, FAANS, FACS Chapter Sponsor

Bruce C. Pittman, Jr. Chapter Co-President
Kathrin Zimmerman Chapter Co-President
Joshua Jackson Chapter Vice President
Jeffrey P. Blount, MD, FAAP, FAANS Chapter Co-Sponsor
Jacob Richard Lepard, MD Chapter Advisor
Kristen Owen Riley, MD, FAANS Chapter Co-Sponsor
Andrew Janssen Chapter Secretary-Treasurer

Leonardo B. C. Brasiliense, MD Chapter Advisor
Gerald Michael Lemole, Jr., MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Analiz Rodriguez, MD, PhD Chapter Sponsor
Jerry Walters, MD Chapter Advisor

Benjamin Zachary Ball, MD Chapter Advisor
Diem Kieu Thi Tran, MD Chapter Advisor

Methma Udawatta Chapter President
Simon Levinson Chapter Vice President
Daniel Nagasawa, MD Chapter Advisor
Isaac Yang, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Joseph D. Ciacci, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Noah Nichols Chapter Member
Sheantel Reihl Chapter President
Paul S. Larson, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor
Ethan Winkler, MD, PhD Chapter Advisor

Peleg Moshe Horowitz, MD Chapter Sponsor
Sean Polster, MD Chapter Advisor

Jalien Trevare Chapter Member
William Jeong, MD Chapter Advisor
Laura Benjamin Ngwenya, MD PhD Chapter Sponsor

Alexis Sunshine, BS Chapter Co-President
Tessa Kidd Zangara, BA, Psychology Chapter Co-President
Kevin O. Lillehei, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Jason Elliott Blatt, MD Chapter Sponsor

Richard W. Broderick, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Ankit Indravadan Mehta, MD Chapter Sponsor

Jacqueline Boyle Chapter President
Mouneeb Choudry Chapter Vice-President
Ryan Richard Wilbur Chapter Vice-President
Callum Dewar Chapter Secretary
Chase Patrick Smith Chapter Treasurer
Patrick W. Elwood, MD, FAANS(L), FACS Chapter Sponsor
Julian J. Lin, MD Chapter Advisor

David M. Hasan, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Paul Joseph Camarata, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Brian Jeremy Williams, MD Chapter Sponsor

Pawan Mathew Chapter President
Christopher Lee Chapter Secretary
Mark D. Johnson, MD, PhD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Ricardo Jorge Komotar, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor
Ashish Shah, MD Chapter Advisor

Jason A. Heth, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor
Brandon Smith, MD Chapter Advisor

Ann M. Parr, MD, PhD, FAANS, FRCSC Chapter Sponsor

Haynes Louis Harkey III, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Fassil B. Mesfin, MD, PhD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor
Michael Ortiz Torres, MD Chapter Advisor

Michele Renee Aizenberg, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor
Landon Drew Ehlers, MD Chapter Advisor

Eldad J. Hadar, MD Chapter Sponsor

John Patrick Eickman, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Han-Chiao Isaac Chen, MD Chapter Sponsor

Nitin Agarwal, MD Chapter Advisor
L. Dade Lunsford, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Jaime A. Inserni, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

G. Edward Vates, MD, PhD, FAANS, FACS Chapter Sponsor

Fernando L. Vale, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Nickalus R. Khan, MD Chapter Advisor
L. Madison Michael II, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Ryan S. Kitagawa, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Kevin Cao Chapter Vice-President
Anna Nia Chapter Secretary
Leonardo Salazar Chapter Treasurer
Joel T. Patterson, MD, FAANS, FACS Chapter Sponsor

John Robert Floyd II, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor
David Wallace, MD Chapter Advisor

Ramneek Dhillon Chapter President
Luke Alan Mugge Chapter Vice President
Andrew J. Caras Chapter Secretary
Nicholas Henkel Chapter Treasurer
Jason Lee Schroeder, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Ikreet Cheema Chapter Co-President
Jetan Badhiwala, MD Chapter Advisor
Abhaya Vivek Kulkarni, MD, FAANS, FRCS Chapter Sponsor
Farshad Nassiri, MD Chapter Advisor

Brenden Ronna Chapter President
Spencer John Twitchell Chapter Vice President
Jason Garry Chapter Member
Randy Lynn Jensen, MD, PhD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor
Jared C Reese Chapter Secretary-Treasurer

Katherine E Callahan Chapter President
Jonathan H. Borden Chapter Vice President
Scott C. Mitchell II, B.E. Chapter Secretary
Erinc Akture, MD Chapter Advisor
Ryan Phillip Jewell, MD FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Joshua Miles Diamond Chapter President
Ajay Chatrath Chapter Vice President
Landon Hobbs Chapter Secretary
Parantap Patel Chapter Secretary
Harrison Snyder Chapter Treasurer
John A. Jane, Jr., MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Margaret Jeakins-Cooley Chapter President
Richard G. Ellenbogen, MD, FAANS, FACS Chapter Sponsor

Raheel Ahmed, MD Chapter Advisor
Raheel Ahmed, MD Chapter Sponsor

Wayne M. Gluf, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Nishit Mummareddy Chapter President
George Asham Chapter Secretary
Lola B. Chambless, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor
Scott Zuckerman, MD Chapter Advisor

Amanda Stanton Chapter President
Youssef Khalafallah Chapter Vice President
Evan Hughes Chapter Secretary
Nicole Huang Chapter Treasurer
Robert Scott Graham, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor
Jamie Toms, MD Chapter Advisor
Wittstatt Alexandra Whitaker-Lea, MD Chapter Advisor

Giovanni R. Malaty Chapter President
Ayesha Kar Chapter Vice President
Brian Saway Chapter Secretary
Evin Lake Guilliams Chapter Advisor
Gary Robert Simonds, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Garret Greeneway Chapter Co-President
Aman Sharma Chapter Co-President
James Leonard West, MD Chapter Advisor
Stacey C. Wolfe, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Gavin Peter Dunn, MD, PhD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor
Afshin Salehi, MS, MD Chapter Advisor

Ellen L. Air, MD, PhD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor at Henry Ford Hosp.
Vicki Mari Diaz, MSN PhD Chapter Sponsor
Vicki Mari Diaz, MSN PhD Chapter Advisor
Marilyn Rutkowski Chapter Admin. Coordinator

Birra Rissa Taha Chapter President
Yuna Oh Chapter Vice President
Umberto Tosi Chapter Treasurer
Susan C. Pannullo, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Robert Anthony Marsh, MD, PhD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor
Ryan Coddington Turner, MD, PhD Chapter Advisor

Arushi Tripathy Chapter President
Joshua L. Vandeburgh Chapter Vice President
Conner Holthaus Chapter Secretary
Walker L. Thompson Chapter Treasurer
Chris A. Sloffer, MD, MBA, FAANS Chapter Sponsor

Robert Lober, MD, PhD Chapter Sponsor

Danielle F. Miyagishima Chapter President
Evgeniya Tyrtova Chapter Vice President
Murat Gunel, MD, FAANS Chapter Sponsor
Jacky Yeung, MD Chapter Advisor
Marcus Valcarce-Aspegren Chapter Secretary-Treasurer

Medical Students