Position Statement

AANS and CNS Recommend $49 Billion for NIH in FY 2023

  • AANS/CNS Washington Office
  • Biomedical Research

The Ad Hoc Group Fiscal Year 2023 Recommendation

The 369 undersigned members of the Ad Hoc Group for Medical Research, which includes organizations representing patients, scientists, health professionals, research and academic institutions, educators, and industry, are grateful to Congress for making meaningful annual funding growth for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) a key, bipartisan national priority. NIHfunded biomedical, behavioral, social, and population-based research improves our understanding of fundamental life and health sciences, equips the nation to combat both known and unprecedented health threats, and converts the hope of improved health into a reality for patients and their families. The federal investment in this lifesaving work in labs across the country also has a multiplier effect in local and regional economies, catalyzes new industries, enhances the U.S.’s global competitiveness, establishes viable career paths for aspiring scientists of diverse backgrounds, and generates other high quality jobs in communities nationwide.

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