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Neurosurgery Blog Highlights a Night in the Life of a Busy Neurosurgical Resident

The Winter 2023 issue of Medicine@Brown magazine featured an article by neurosurgery resident Abdul-Kareem Ahmed, MD. Titled “An Improbable Life,” Dr. Ahmed provides a poignant depiction of one night as a neurosurgical resident at the University of Maryland. Every patient’s worst moment is Dr. Ahmed’s every day.

“Tragedy is not rare. We diagnose a child with a life-changing brain tumor; a mother suffers a brain aneurysm rupture, stealing her wit; a husband’s cancer metastasizes to his spinal cord, strangling his strength and independence. Death and disability precede me,” states Dr. Ahmed. He continues, “Triumph is common, and I’ve reflected on it. There are many saves. We open the skull or the spine, pressure is relieved, and life or livelihood is restored. Most of our patients get better, rehabilitate, and move on.”

On Feb. 24, Neurosurgery Blog published a cross-post to highlight Dr. Ahmed’s article.