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Neurosurgery Urges Congress to Hold Hearings on Medicare Payment System

  • Reimbursement and Practice Management

Dear Senator/Representative,

On behalf of the undersigned physician and non-physician organizations, representing more than one million clinicians and the patients they serve, welcome to the 118th Congress. Our combined memberships represent a significant portion of the clinicians in this nation, and we remain committed to ensuring America’s seniors have access to high-quality care. Reforming the Medicare payment system is a crucial step in maintaining the clinician workforce that is necessary to serve America’s seniors. We urge this Congress to hold Congressional hearings and
work with all stakeholders to explore long-term payment solutions.

Unfortunately, we face an increasingly challenging environment in providing Medicare beneficiaries with access to timely and quality care, which is particularly important for underserved and rural areas. The medical community continues to contend with the residual impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, a new triple-demic in many regions of the country, record levels of burnout, workforce shortages, and ongoing reductions to Medicare Part B payment and private-payer reimbursement.

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