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Surgical Coalition Outlines Plan for Reforming Medicare Payment System

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  • Reimbursement and Practice Management

Surgical Coalition’s Plan for Reforming the Medicare Physician Payment System

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) continues to put forth annual regulations that exacerbate the underlying problems within the broken Medicare physician payment system. Furthermore, these policies negatively impact the ability of physician practices to invest in quality improvement efforts to benefit Medicare patients or transition to alternative payment models when appropriate. And importantly, the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule is often the benchmark for determining payment rates for Medicaid and other payers. Thus, Medicare payment cuts have a cascading effect across all payers, challenging physician practices’ ability to cover the cost of taking care of their patients.

While Congress considers long-term reforms to physician payment, it must exercise its oversight authority over Medicare payment policy to ensure a stable environment that allows multiple physician practice models — independent private practice or hospital/hospital system employment — to thrive. Failure to do so will contribute to the ongoing, costly consolidations of the health care delivery system, hinder patient access to the physician of their choice, and hamper efforts to move toward safe, accountable, high-quality care.

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