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World Tour of Neurosurgery

The slogan of the AANS publication AANS Neurosurgeon is Online. Anytime. By and for neurosurgeons. Over the years, international neurosurgeons have been contributing articles about the field of neurosurgery in their home countries:

Nigeria: A Glance at Neurosurgery in Nigeria following the 3rd CAANS Congress

Germany: History and Neurosurgery Collide: The Evolution of Neurosurgery in Germany

Bosnia-Herzegovina: Neuroscience and Neurosurgery in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Greece: Evolution of Neurosurgery in Greece

India: Neurosurgery in India

Egypt: A Look into Neurosurgery in Egypt

As a busy neurosurgeon, you may not have the opportunity to travel, but you can access the world of neurosurgery through these articles. Keep an eye out for future editions featuring Colombia, Bangladesh and Nepal.

If you are an international neurosurgeon and would like to contribute an article about the field of neurosurgery in your home country contact AANS International Relations Manager Jillian R. Bernas at