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Journal of Neurosurgery Publishing Group

Here is a sample of articles from the print journals’ January issues. Check them out, they are freely available online.

Journal of Neurosurgery Volume 132: Issue 1 (Jan 2020)

Authors: Chia-Hua Chen, PhD; Pin-Yuan Chen, MD, PhD; You-Yu Lin, PhD; Li-Ying Feng; Shin-Han Chen, MSc; Chia-Yuan Chen, MSc; Yin-Cheng Huang, PhD; Chiung-Yin Huang, MD; Shih-Ming Jung, MD; Leslie Y. Chen, PhD; and Kuo-Chen Wei, MD, IFAANS

Emerson Magno de Andrade, MD, PhD; Raquel C. R. Martinez, PhD; Rosana L. Pagano, PhD; Patricia S. S. Lopes; Aline V. V. Auada, PhD; Flavia V. Gouveia, PhD; Geiza F. Antunes; Danielle V. Assis; Ivo Lebrun, PhD; and Erich T. Fonoff, MD, PhD

Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine Volume 32: Issue 1 (Jan 2020)

Authors: Joshua T. Wewel, MD; Bledi C. Brahimaj, MD; Manish K. Kasliwal, MD, MCh, FAANS; and Vincent C. Traynelis, MD, FAANS

Authors: Ethan Cottrill, MS; Zach Pennington; A. Karim Ahmed; Daniel Lubelski, MD; Matthew L. Goodwin, MD, PhD; Alexander Perdomo-Pantoja, MD; Erick M. Westbroek, MD; Nicholas Theodore, MD, FAANS; Timothy Witham, MD, FAANS; and Daniel Sciubba, MD, FAANS

Journal of Neurosurgery: Pediatrics Volume 25: Issue 1 (Jan 2020)

Authors: Joyce Koueik, MD, MS; Carolina Sandoval-Garcia, MD; John R. W. Kestle, MD, FAANS; Brandon G. Rocque, MD, MS, FAANS; David M. Frim, MD, PhD, FAANS; Gerald A. Grant, MD, FAANS; Robert F. Keating, MD, FAANS; Carrie R. Muh, MD, FAANS; W. Jerry Oakes, MD, FAANS(L); Ian F. Pollack, MD, FAANS; Nathan R. Selden, MD, PhD, FAANS; R. Shane Tubbs, PhD, PA-C; Gerald F. Tuite, MD, FAANS; Benjamin Warf, MD; Victoria Rajamanickam, MS; Aimee Teo Broman, MA; Victor Haughton, MD; Susan Rebsamen, MD; Timothy M. George, MD, FAANS; and Bermans J. Iskandar, MD, FAANS

Authors: Jenna Meyer, MS; Avital Perry, MD; Soliman Oushy, MD; Christopher S. Graffeo, MD, MS; Lucas P. Carlstrom, MD, PhD; and Fredric B. Meyer, MD, FAANS

Also, don’t miss the January issues of Neurosurgical Focus and our new Neurosurgical Focus: Video. All articles in Neurosurgical Focus are freely available.

Neurosurgical Focus
Volume 48: Issue 1 (Jan 2020): Pediatric Brain Tumor: Evolving Treatment Strategies

Neurosurgical Focus: Video All video articles in Neurosurgical Focus: Video are freely available.

Volume 2: Issue 1 (Jan 2020): Spinal Deformity Surgery