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The Mind of a Neurosurgeon

The latest issue of AANS Neurosurgeon, is out now. The Mind of a Neurosurgeon features authors sharing their thoughts and insight into the diversity, complexity and uniqueness of the neurosurgeon experience. Their stories explore loss, creativity, outside perspective, operating preferences and the prospect of retirement. Enjoy this thought-provoking issue that sheds light on the mind of a neurosurgeon.

New articles to follow in February.

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Articles Out Now

Alternative Mind: How Non-traditional Experiences Enrich Neurosurgical Training Part 2

Juliana C. Rotter, MD; Avital Perry, MD; Christopher S. Graffeo, MD

The Case for Mindfulness and Compassion

James R. Doty, MD, FAANS

Developing the Mind of the Neurosurgery Resident

Nicholas M. Barbaro, MD, FAANS

The Impact of Medical Review Panels

Jennifer Kosty, MD; Bowen Jiang, MD; Devon LeFever; Jared R. Broughman; Frederick White, MD; Katie O. Orrico, JD; Bharat Guthikonda, MD, FAANS

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