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Journal of Neurosurgery Publishing Group

Here are some freely accessible articles from the scholarly journals’ November issues:

Print Journals

Journal of Neurosurgery. Volume 133: Issue 5 (November 2020)

Editorial. Preprint servers and neurosurgical publications

Author: James T. Rutka

Aspirin associated with decreased rate of intracranial aneurysm growth

Authors: Mario Zanaty, Jorge A. Roa, Daichi Nakagawa, Nohra Chalouhi, Lauren Allan, Sami Al Kasab, Kaustubh Limaye, Daizo Ishii, Edgar A. Samaniego, Pascal Jabbour, James C. Torner and David M. Hasan

Association of cause of injury and traumatic axonal injury: a clinical MRI study of moderate and severe traumatic brain injury

Authors: Hans Kristian Moe, Janne Limandvik Myhr, Kent Gøran Moen, Asta Kristine Håberg, Toril Skandsen and Anne Vik

Brief encounters that last a lifetime: an immigrant neurosurgeon’s reflections on American exceptionalism, George Floyd, sunlight, and race

Author: Jacques J. Morcos

Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine. Volume 33: Issue 5 (November 2020)

Factors affecting approach selection for minimally invasive versus open surgery in the treatment of adult spinal deformity: analysis of a prospective, nonrandomized multicenter study

Authors: Paul Park, Khoi D. Than, Praveen V. Mummaneni, Pierce D. Nunley, Robert K. Eastlack, Juan S. Uribe, Michael Y. Wang, Vivian Le, Richard G. Fessler, David O. Okonkwo, Adam S. Kanter, Neel Anand, Dean Chou, Kai-Ming G. Fu, Alexander F. Haddad, Christopher I. Shaffrey, Gregory M. Mundis Jr. and the International Spine Study Group

Outcomes following discectomy for lumbar disc herniation in patients with substantial back pain

Authors: Simon Thorbjørn Sørensen, Rachid Bech-Azeddine, Søren Fruensgaard, Mikkel Østerheden Andersen and Leah Carreon

13th Lumbar Spine Research Society Annual Scientific Meeting Oral and Poster Presentations

Presented Virtually, November 12–15, 2020

Journal of Neurosurgery: Pediatrics. Volume 26: Issue 5 (November 2020)

Safety of responsive neurostimulation in pediatric patients with medically refractory epilepsy

Authors: Fedor Panov, Sara Ganaha, Jennifer Haskell, Madeline Fields, Maite La Vega-Talbott, Steven Wolf, Patricia McGoldrick, Lara Marcuse and Saadi Ghatan

Safety and efficacy of brainstem biopsy in children and young adults

Authors: David S. Hersh, Rahul Kumar, Kenneth A. Moore, Luke G. F. Smith, Christopher L. Tinkle, Jason Chiang, Zoltan Patay, Amar Gajjar, Asim F. Choudhri, Jorge A. Lee-Diaz, Brandy Vaughn and Paul Klimo Jr.

Online Journals

Neurosurgical Focus Volume 49: Issue 5 (November 2020)

Topic: Medicolegal Issues in Neurosurgery

Topic Editors: Bharat Guthikonda, Catherine A. Mazzola, Michael P. Steinmetz,

Joseph S. Cheng, Jason D. Stacy, Asdrubal Falavigna, and

Richard N. W. Wohns

According to this month’s topic editors, “nearly all neurosurgeons will be affected by the medicolegal process at some point in their career.” However, many neurosurgeons are not well prepared for this possibility. The subject matter is not usually part of their training. This month’s issue of Neurosurgical Focus seeks to change that by improving neurosurgeons’ understanding of the medicolegal climate in their field.

From the topic editors:

“This edition has been organized with sections describing general medicolegal overview, the international medicolegal milieu, medicolegal issues in spinal neurosurgery, and cranial neurosurgical medicolegal issues. We encourage all of you to read these articles and discuss their content locally in your residency training programs, in your hospitals, and at your state society meetings. We hope that by reading these papers, we are able to provide relevant and informative content that is useful for all neurosurgeons, at all stages of their careers.”

All articles in Neurosurgical Focus are freely available.