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The Mind of a Neurosurgeon

The latest issue of AANS Neurosurgeon, The Mind of a Neurosurgeon, features authors sharing their thoughts and insight into the diversity, complexity and uniqueness of the neurosurgeon experience. Their stories explore loss, creativity, outside perspective, preferences and the prospect of retirement. Enjoy this thought-provoking issue that sheds light on the mind of a neurosurgeon.

Coming in March: The World of Neurosurgery

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Articles Out Now

· The Mindful Neurosurgeon and the Art of Doing What’s Right

Edward C. Benzel, MD, FAANS

· Switching Professional Gears: Changing Mind States Based on Changing Responsibilities

Randy S. Bell, MD, FAANS

· Changing Gears: Mid-Career Relocation as a Catalyst for Better Patient Care

Daniel Orringer, MD, FAANS

· Building the Neurosurgical Mind: Critical Appraisal in Neurosurgical Training

Beverly C. Walters, MD

· Stress in Neurosurgery: Taking Control Along the Neurosurgery Continuum of Training

Zane Kaleem; Charles Fencil

· Toward Medical Democracy: Improving Wikipedia for Our Patients’ Sake

Carolyn Geraci, MS

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