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New Issues from Journal of Neurosurgery Publishing Group

The JNSPG has new journal issues to peruse. Below are some freely accessible articles from the April issues. Please check them out.

Journal of Neurosurgery
Volume 132: Issue 4 (April 2020)

Awake craniotomy with transcortical motor evoked potential monitoring for resection of gliomas in the precentral gyrus: utility for predicting motor function

Authors: Taiichi Saito, Yoshihiro Muragaki, Manabu Tamura, Takashi Maruyama, Masayuki Nitta, Shunsuke Tsuzuki, Satoko Fukuchi, Mana Ohashi and Takakazu Kawamata

A novel proposed grading system for cerebellar arteriovenous malformations

Authors: Peyton L. Nisson, Salman A. Fard, Christina M. Walter, Cameron M. Johnstone, Michael A. Mooney, Ali Tayebi Meybodi, Michael Lang, Helen Kim, Heidi Jahnke, Denise J. Roe, Travis M. Dumont, G. Michael Lemole Jr., Robert F. Spetzler and Michael T. Lawton

Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine
Volume 32: Issue 4 (April 2020)

Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion performed using structural allograft or polyetheretherketone: pseudarthrosis and revision surgery rates with minimum 2-year follow-up

Authors: Minghao Wang, Dean Chou, Chih-Chang Chang, Ankit Hirpara, Yilin Liu, Andrew K. Chan, Brenton Pennicooke and Praveen V. Mummaneni

Perioperative complications of spine surgery in patients 80 years of age or older: a multicenter prospective cohort study

Authors: Takamasa Watanabe, Masahiro Kanayama, Masahiko Takahata, Itaru Oda, Kota Suda, Yuichiro Abe, Junichiro Okumura, Yoshihiro Hojo and Norimasa Iwasaki

Journal of Neurosurgery: Pediatrics
Volume 25: Issue 4 (April 2020)

Cost comparison of surgical management of nonsagittal synostosis: traditional open versus endoscope-assisted techniques

Authors: Ema Zubovic, Jodi B. Lapidus, Gary B. Skolnick, Sybill D. Naidoo, Matthew D. Smyth and Kamlesh B. Patel

Endoscopic third ventriculostomy with choroid plexus cauterization for the treatment of infantile hydrocephalus in Haiti

Authors: Ashish H. Shah, Yudy LaFortune, George M. Ibrahim, Iahn Cajigas, Michael Ragheb, Stephanie H. Chen, Ernest J. Barthélemy, Ariel Henry and John Ragheb

Neurosurgical Focus
Volume 48: Issue 4 (April 2020)

Topic: Surgical Treatment of Epilepsy

The April issue of Neurosurgical Focus includes 16 articles and an editorial on surgical treatments for epilepsy. As this issue editors Drs. Guy M. McKhann II, Andrew W. McEvoy, Robert E. Gross and Stephan Chabardes describe the topic, “Epilepsy surgery is an exciting and dynamic field within neurosurgery. Advances in neuroimaging, neuroscience, neuromodulation, laser technology, robotics and invasive neuromonitoring are being combined to make epilepsy surgery less invasive, safer and in some cases more effective. This issue of Neurosurgical Focus contains articles representing the gamut of epilepsy surgery.”

All articles in Neurosurgical Focus are freely available.

Neurosurgical Focus: Video
Volume 2: Issue 2 (April 2020)

Topic: Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery

The April issue of Neurosurgical Focus: Video features 18 video articles and two editorials on endoscopic skull base surgery. In their introduction to this issue, topic editors Juan C. Fernandez-Miranda, James J. Evans, Paul A. Gardner, Carl H. Snyderman and Pablo F. Recinos state, “Video submissions from 13 skull base groups and three different continents have been selected based on their technical mastery, case complexity or management of vascular complications. This collection represents the state of the art for the field of endonasal endoscopic surgery as we start a new decade that promises further advancements and innovations.”

All articles in Neurosurgical Focus: Video are freely available.