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Journal of Neurosurgery Publishing Group

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Journal of Neurosurgery
Volume 132: Issue 5 (May 2020)

Comparing two randomized deep brain stimulation trials for Parkinson’s disease

Authors: Günther Deuschl, Kenneth A. Follett, Ping Luo, Joern Rau, Frances M. Weaver, Steffen Paschen, Frank Steigerwald, Lisa Tonder, Valerie Stoker and Domenic J. Reda
Endoscopic removal of recurrent colloid cysts

Authors: Jacques J. Lara-Reyna, Rafael Uribe-Cardenas, Imali Perera, Nicholas Szerlip, Anastasios Giamouriadis, Nicole Savage, Therese Haussner and Mark M. Souweidane

Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine
Volume 32: Issue 5 (May 2020)

Window of opportunity for surgical decompression in patients with acute traumatic cervical spinal cord injury

Authors: Marko Jug, Nataša Kejžar, Matej Cimerman and Fajko F. Bajrović

Cervical disc replacement: examining “real-world” utilization of an emerging technology

Authors: Christopher D. Witiw, Fabrice Smieliauskas, Sandra A. Ham and Vincent C. Traynelis

Journal of Neurosurgery: Pediatrics
Volume 25: Issue 5 (May 2020)

Functional outcomes at 2 years of age following treatment for posthemorrhagic hydrocephalus of prematurity: what do we know at the time of consult?

Authors: Samuel G. McClugage III, Nicholas M. B. Laskay, Brian N. Donahue, Anastasia Arynchyna, Kathrin Zimmerman, Inmaculada B. Aban, Elizabeth N. Alford, Myriam Peralta-Carcelen, Jeffrey P. Blount, Curtis J. Rozzelle, James M. Johnston and Brandon G. Rocque

Selective dorsal rhizotomy: an illustrated review of operative techniques

Authors: Nebras M. Warsi, Jignesh Tailor, Ian C. Coulter, Husain Shakil, Adriana Workewych, Renée Haldenby, Sara Breitbart, Samuel Strantzas, Michael Vandenberk, Michael C. Dewan and George M. Ibrahim

Neurosurgical Focus
Volume 48: Issue 5 (May 2020)

Topic: Evolution of the Science of Practice

The May issue of Neurosurgical Focus includes articles on the science of neurosurgical practice and how it has developed in the last decade.

All articles in Neurosurgical Focus are freely available.