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AANS Neurosurgeon: The Education Issue

Neurosurgery education has no doubt been effected by current events and its importance has led to conversations on approaches to delivering the best learning experience to current and future neurosurgeons. In the summer edition of AANS Neurosurgeon, authors share their thoughts on the state and future of education. Read the perspectives of medical students and seasoned neurosurgeons, and discover more about evolving policies.

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Out Now

Neurosurgery Response to Resident Application Challenges During the 2020-2021 Cycle
Stacey C. Wolfe, MD, FAANS; Nathan R. Selden, MD, PhD, FAANS

The Evolution of Neurosurgery Education Over Four Decades: My Perspective
Edward C. Benzel, MD, FAANS

Giving Constructive Feedback
Judy Huang, MD, FAANS

An Officer and a Resident: Unique Aspects of Neurosurgery Training in the Military
Christopher J. Neal, MD, FAANS

Multidisciplinary Education in Neurosurgery: The Stereotactic Radiosurgery Perspective
Victor M. Lu, MD, PhD; Daniel M. Trifiletti, MD; Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa, MD, FAANS; Jason P. Sheehan, MD, PhD, FAANS

Preserving the Art of Cerebrovascular Surgery
Fabio A. Frisoli, MD; Michael T. Lawton, MD, FAANS

An Intersection of Neurological Surgery and Life
Aruna Ganju, MD, FAANS | Editorial License

The Neurosurgeon's Studio: The Incredible Lightness of Breathing
Kathryn Ko, MD, MFA, FAANS | The Neurosurgeon's Studio

USMLE Step 1 Pass/Fail Scoring: A Paradigm Shift for Neurosurgical Resident Selection
Sricharan Gopakumar; Malcolm McDonald; Jeremiah Johnson, MD, FAANS

Editorial License: So What Now?
Lisa Mulligan, MD, FAANS | Editorial License