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Celebrating 40 Years of the NREF

Happy Anniversary to the Neurosurgery Research and Education Foundation (NREF)! Since its inception forty years ago, the NREF has invested over $28 million in the future of neurosurgery through the funding of groundbreaking research and exceptional educational training.

The support of members, industry partners and affiliated organizations have made a profound difference in creating career opportunities for young neurosurgeons. A recent analysis of NREF grant recipients found that over 30% have gone on to receive NIH funding and nearly 20% have become chairs of academic departments.

You can read about how the NREF has advanced neurosurgery in the latest issue of the JNS.

The NREF is entering a crucial phase in its history. In an era of decreased corporate dollars, donations from esteemed members make it possible to continue funding cutting-edge courses and merit-based grants.

Be part of neurosurgery’s future. Your support will help the NREF’s ongoing efforts to advance the specialty and improve patient care.

Please donate today and help advance neurosurgery and improve lives.