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Journal of Neurosurgery Publishing Group Article Highlights

Some freely accessible articles from the scholarly journals’ December issues:

Print Journals

Journal of Neurosurgery Volume 133: Issue 6 (December 2020)
Editorial. The lessons of neurosurgery: a new publication for the Journal of Neurosurgery

Authors: Douglas Kondziolka and James T. Rutka
Pupillary changes after clinically asymptomatic high-acceleration head impacts in high school football athletes

Authors: Jacob R. Joseph, Jennylee S. Swallow, Kylene Willsey, Andrea A. Almeida, Matthew T. Lorincz, Robert K. Fraumann, Mark E. Oppenlander, Nicholas J. Szerlip, and Steven P. Broglio

Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine Volume 33: Issue 6 (December 2020)

Patterns of neurological deficits and recovery of postoperative C5 nerve palsy

Authors: John K. Houten, Joshua R. Buksbaum, and Michael J. Collins
Microendoscopic decompression for lumbosacral foraminal stenosis: a novel surgical strategy based on anatomical considerations using 3D image fusion with MRI/CT

Authors: Shizumasa Murata, Akihito Minamide, Hiroshi Iwasaki, Yukihiro Nakagawa, Hiroshi Hashizume, Yasutsugu Yukawa, Shunji Tsutsui, Masanari Takami, Motohiro Okada, Keiji Nagata, Munehito Yoshida, Andrew J. Schoenfeld, Andrew K. Simpson, and Hiroshi Yamada

Journal of Neurosurgery: Pediatrics. Volume 26: Issue 6 (December 2020)

Editorial. Fetal repair of encephaloceles

Author: Nalin Gupta

Fetal surgery for occipital encephalocele

Authors: Sergio Cavalheiro, Marcos Devanir Silva da Costa, Jardel Mendonça Nicácio, Patricia Alessandra Dastoli, Italo Capraro Suriano, Mauricio Mendes Barbosa, Hérbene Jose Milani, Stéphanno Gomes Pereira Sarmento, Tereza Cristina Carbonari de Faria, and Antonio Fernandes Moron

Online Journals

Neurosurgical Focus Volume 49: Issue 6 (December 2020)

Topic: Preparedness and Guidelines for Neurosurgical Practice During Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an enormous impact on medical practice throughout this year. This holds true even for medical specialties that seem, at first glance, to be unrelated to the pandemic. One such specialty is neurosurgery, which has initiated and adapted to changes in how patients are treated, students and residents are trained and how scientific meetings are held.

This month’s issue addresses the following topics as they relate to neurosurgery and neurosurgical personnel in the midst of the pandemic:

  1. The production of guidelines related to the protection of healthcare workers and patients and how best to continue our activities;
  2. Lessons learned from the experience of centers that were most affected;
  3. How to deal with specific pathologies, such as brain tumors as well as the most risk-prone endonasal approaches to the skull base;
  4. Reorganization of outpatient clinics via telemedicine; and
  5. Innovative ways to keep neurosurgical training ongoing through webinars and virtual education.

All articles in Neurosurgical Focus are freely available.