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Joint Committees and Committee Members


If you are a member of any AANS Committee below, you may access committee documents and resources by logging into the Committee Corner section of

Access Committee Corner
John E. O'Toole MD, FAANS Vice Chair
Patricia B. Raksin MD, FAANS Vice Chair
Kevin M. Cockroft MD, FAANS, FACS Past Chair
Mark D. Bain MD, FAANS Member
Sharona Ben-Haim MD Member
John H. Chi MD, FAANS Member
Christopher James Farrell MD, FAANS Member
Christoph Johannes Griessenauer MD, FAANS Member
Rimal Hanif Dossani MD Member
Douglas Allen Hardesty MD, FAANS Member
Mark Alexander Mahan MD, FAANS Member
Jeffrey J. Olson MD, FAANS Member
Paul Park MD, FAANS Member
Jonathan Harris Sherman MD, FAANS Member
Justin A. Singer MD Member
Krish Vigneswaran MD Member
Ashwin Viswanathan MD, FAANS Member
Babu G. Welch MD, FAANS Member
Beverly C. Walters MD Ex-Officio
Kathleen T. Craig Member
Sandy J. Meyer Staff Liaison
Samuel R. Browd MD, PhD, FAANS Member
Joseph S. Neimat MD, MSc, FAANS Member
Catherine Jeakle Hill Staff Liaison
Samuel R. Browd MD, PhD, FAANS Member
D. Kojo Hamilton MD, FAANS Member
Andre Guelman Machado MD, PhD, IFAANS Member
Joseph R. Madsen MD, FAANS Member
Catherine Jeakle Hill Staff Liaison
Randall R. McCafferty MD, FAANS Member
John Kevin Ratliff MD, FAANS, FACS Chair Elect
Maya Babu MD, MBA Member
Joseph S. Cheng MD, MS, FAANS Member
John D. Davis MD, FAANS Member
Alexander Arash Khalessi MD, FAANS Member
John Joseph Knightly MD, FAANS Member
Russell R. Lonser MD, FAANS Member
Kathleen T. Craig Ex-Officio
Regis W. Haid Jr., MD, FAANS Ex-Officio
Brian L. Hoh MD, FAANS, FACS, FAHA Ex-Officio
Steven N. Kalkanis MD, FAANS Ex-Officio
John A. Wilson MD, FAANS, FACS Ex-Officio
Nitin Agarwal MD Liaison
Kenneth S. Blumenfeld MD, FAANS Liaison
Mohamad Bydon MD, FAANS Liaison
Mary S. Cloninger Liaison
David Lee Dornbos III, MD Liaison
Abdullah H. Feroze MD Liaison
Robert E. Harbaugh MD, FAANS, FACS Liaison
Robert F. Heary MD, FAANS Liaison
Jay K. Nathan MD Liaison
Joseph S. Neimat MD, MSc, FAANS Liaison
John E. O'Toole MD, FAANS Liaison
Paul L. Penar MD, FAANS, FACS Liaison
J. Adair Prall MD, FAANS, FACS Liaison
Mark R. Proctor MD, FAANS Liaison
Maryam Rahman MD, FAANS Liaison
Patricia B. Raksin MD, FAANS Liaison
Daniel K. Resnick MD, FAANS Liaison
Joshua M. Rosenow MD, FAANS, FACS Liaison
Clemens M. Schirmer MD, PhD, FAANS Liaison
Jason M. Schwalb MD, FAANS, FACS Liaison
Michael Patrick Steinmetz MD, FAANS Liaison
Jennifer A. Sweet MD, FAANS Liaison
Krystal Lynne Tomei MD, MPH, FAANS Liaison
Luis Manuel Tumialan MD, FAANS Liaison
Alex B. Valadka MD, FAANS, FACS Liaison
G. Edward Vates MD, PhD, FAANS, FACS Liaison
Michael A. Vogelbaum MD, PhD, FAANS Liaison
William C. Welch MD, FAANS, FACS Liaison
Henry H. Woo MD, FAANS Liaison
Brett Youngerman MD Liaison
Katie Orrico JD Staff Liaison
Catherine Jeakle Hill Staff
Adrienne Mortimer Staff


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