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Neurosurgical Representatives and Liaisons to Other Organizations

Residency Review Committee for Neurological Surgery

  • Robert E. Harbaugh, MD, FAANS

Board of Regents

  • Shelly D. Timmons, MD, FAANS

Advisory Council for Neurological Surgery

  • Kenneth A. Follett, MD, PhD, FAANS, Liaison
  • Guy M. McKhann II, MD, FAANS
  • Kenneth S. Blumenfeld, MD, FAANS, delegate
  • Krystal L. Tomei, MD, FAANS, alternate delegate
  • Laura Stone McGuire, MD, resident & fellow delegate

AMA Relative Value Update Committee

  • G. Edward Vates, MD, FAANS, AANS RUC Member
  • John K. Ratliff, MD, FAANS, AANS RUC Advisor
  • Henry H. Woo, MD, FAANS, AANS Alternate RUC Advisor

AMA CPT Editorial Panel

  • Joseph S. Cheng, MD, FAANS

AMA CPT Advisory Committee

  • Cheerag D. Upadhyaya, MD, AANS CPT Advisory
  • Joshua M. Rosenow, MD, AANS CPT Alternate Advisor
  • Scott Douglas Simon, MD, FAANS
  • Sameer A. Sheth, MD, PhD, FAANS
  • Karin R. Swartz, MD, FAANS