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Cushing Orators

Beginning in 1965 with Louise Eisenhardt, MD, an accomplished guest is invited to present the Cushing Oration each year during the AANS Annual Scientific Meeting.

2022 Yo-Yo Ma
2021 Boyd Varty
2020 Mike Krzyzewski
2019 Jim Yong Kim, MD, PhD
2018 General Stan McChrystal
2017 Meg Whitman
2016 President George W. Bush
2015 Charles Krauthammer
2014 Clayton Christensen
2013 Chesley B. (Sully) Sullenberger III
2012 J. Craig Venter, PhD
2011 Nathaniel Philbrick
2010 Newt Gingrich, PhD
2009 Uwe E. Reinhardt, PhD
2008 Douglas Brinkley, MD
2007 Thomas Friedman
2006 George F. Will
2005 Edmund Morris
2004 Ken Burns
2003 Henry A. Kissinger, PhD
2002 Benazir Bhutto
2001 Tom Brokaw
2000 Doris Kearns Goodwin
1999 President George Herbert Walker Bush
1998 Eric Wieschaus, PhD
1997 William J. Bennett, PhD
1996 William F. Buckley Jr.
1995 General Colin L. Powell
1994 Beverly Sills
1993 The Hon. Morris B. Abram, Esq.
1992 Susan Eisenhower
1992 Ronald Z. Sagdeev, PhD
1991 Yevgeny Yevtushenk
1990 President James Earl Carter Jr.
1989 Theodore Cooper, MD, PhD
1988 The Hon. Brian Dickson
1987 H. Ross Perot
1986 The Hon. Richard D. Lamm
1985 Raymond E. Arvidson, PhD
1984 Robert M. Rosenzweig, PhD
1983 Edmund D. Pellegrino, MD
1982 Mortimer J. Adler, PhD
1981 Julius Axelrod, PhD
1980 The Hon. Kingman Brewster
1979 The Hon. Paul Rogers
1978 C. Rollins Hanlon, MD
1977 Eli Ginzberg, PhD
1976 Robert O. Egeberg, MD
1975 Paul W. McCracken, MD
1974 Malcolm Moos, PhD
1973 Wernher von Braun, PhD
1972 Robert Q. Marston, MD
1971 Wilder Penfield, MD
1970 Edwin L. Crosby, MD
1969 John S. Millis, PhD
1968 R. Buckminster Fuller, PhD
1967 William H. Stewart, MD
1966 Philip Handler, MD
1965 Louise Eisenhardt, MD