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AANS/CNS Washington Office Director Featured in Article about Stark Rules

Katie O. Orrico, Esq., director of the AANS/CNS Washington Office, was featured in a recent MedPage Today article titled, “Looking for That Modified Stark Rule? Better Cool Your Heels — CMS extends final rule timeline to Aug. 31, 2021.” The article reported that the Trump administration set a new deadline of Aug. 31, 2021, to issue a final rule reforming the Stark Law — a year later than initially planned.

In her comments, Ms. Orrico noted that the AANS and the CNS “continue to recommend that the Office of Management and Budget clear the rules for implementation as submitted.” Additionally, she said that the neurosurgery organizations would like to see a speedy result, stating, “It is our understanding that nothing precludes the president from approving the proposed final rules as submitted from HHS.”

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