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Neurosurgery Blog Continues Women in Neurosurgery Series

2020 marked the historic 30th anniversary of the founding of Women in Neurosurgery (WINS), bringing with it an exciting time for the WINS community and neurosurgery. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of WINS, Neurosurgery Blog: More than Just Brain Surgery is publishing a series of articles highlighting the section’s goals — to educate, inspire and encourage women neurosurgeons to realize their professional and personal goals. WINS also serves women in neurosurgery by addressing the issues inherent to training and maintaining a diverse and balanced workforce is the mission of this section. To date, the following blogs have been published:

In addition to its WINS series, Neurosurgery Blog continues publishing items of importance to the neurosurgical community. Most recently, the blog highlighted March’s annual ThinkFirst Awareness Month with a blog titled “ThinkFirst About Brain Injury: A Call to Action.”