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AANS/NREF Resident Education Courses

In cooperation with the AANS, the Neurosurgical Education & Research Foundation (NREF) offers free courses to provide advanced resident educational training in topic areas not always covered within neurosurgical residency.

Thanks to the NREF, AANS and valued corporate supporters, nearly 2,000 residents have attended a Resident Education Course, with thousands more viewing presentations online.


While spaces at the AANS/NREF Resident Education Courses are limited, several of the courses have been recorded and have been made available online, free of charge, to neurosurgical residents around the world. Each program consists of several hours of didactic lectures based on the course topic.


Residency program directors and residency coordinators are notified of these resident course opportunities approximately 16 weeks in advance of each course and are asked to nominate one resident and one alternate from their program to attend each course, based upon specified course criteria. For more information, please contact the AANS Education Department at 847-378-0500 or

Course Directors Date Location
Stereotactic Radiosurgery Course for Neurosurgery and Radiation Oncology Residents Jason P. Sheehan, MD, PhD, FAANS; and Daniel Y. Suh, MD, PhD, FAANS Oct. 4-6, 2019 Denver, Colo.
Senior Residents’ Course on MIS and Emerging Spinal Technologies Jack Knightly, MD, FAANS; and Praveen V. Mummaneni, MD, FAANS Aug. 23-25, 2018 Phoenix, Ariz
Skull Base for Senior Residents Jon H. Robertson, MD, FAANS Sept. 13-16, 2018 Memphis, Tenn.
Fellows Course in Endovascular Techniques Adam S. Arthur, MD, MPH, FAANS; Erol Veznedaroglu, MD, FAANS; and Alex Berenstein, MD Sept. 21-23, 2018 Memphis, Tenn.
Endovascular and Vascular Techniques for Residents Adam S. Arthur, MD, MPH, FAANS; Michael T. Lawton, MD, FAANS; and Erol Veznedaroglu, MD, FAANS Oct. 11-14, 2018 Memphis, Tenn.
Spinal Deformity for Residents Justin S. Smith, MD, PhD, FAANS; and Daniel M. Sciubba, MD, FAANS Feb. 22-24, 2019 Phoenix, Ariz.

Companies who participate in AANS' Pinnacle Partners in Neurosurgery program are also involved with the resident courses. If you or your company are interested in additional information on these courses, please contact


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