Get Involved

Join us in advancing the field of neurosurgery by getting involved with the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS). By participating in our Committees, Sections, and Volunteer Corps, you can make a meaningful impact on the future of neurosurgery. Here’s how you can contribute:


AANS Committees are essential for driving the mission and strategic initiatives of the association. As a committee member, you will collaborate with fellow neurosurgeons to address critical issues, develop policies and create educational programs. Your expertise and dedication can help shape the future of neurosurgery.


The AANS/CNS Joint Sections focus on specific subspecialties within neurosurgery, providing a platform for professionals to share knowledge, conduct research and develop best practices. By joining a section, you can connect with peers who share your interests and contribute to advancements in your area of expertise.

Volunteer Corps

The AANS Volunteer Corps offers opportunities to give back to the neurosurgical community through various projects and initiatives. Whether it’s mentoring young neurosurgeons, participating in outreach programs or contributing to advocacy efforts, your involvement can make a significant difference.

By getting involved, you’ll not only enhance your professional development but also help advance the field of neurosurgery. Join us today and be a part of a community dedicated to excellence in patient care, education and research.